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Jepsen Tool Company

Jacksonville, Florida
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You'll like our approach to customer service. It's personal and direct-provided by experienced people who understand your requirements. So you get real answers to any questions or inquires. Our service orientation puts you first and keeps you there.

Jepsen Tool CompanyOur CAD/CAM System, with full 3-D capabilities, is set up in a DNC environment. It is one of the best machining program-writing systems available.

Applying the latest CNC machine tools together with the use of "up to date" cutting tool technology, we engage in very complex machining processes. These 5 Axis CNC Swiss-type turning centers are the most accurate and fastest screw machines available, producing your parts as economically as possible. They are equipped with sub-spindles and live tooling stations for cross-working and indexing. Producing high precision parts with crossholes, flats, squares, hexagons, key-ways and slots, all in one operation, no second operation is required.

Jepsen Tool CompanyThe other CNC turning centers are equally capable of producing quality parts as well, though they vary in type, swing over bed and thru-spindle capacity. Our CNC machining centers are set up for milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and related operations. They are equipped with CNC rotary axis units to accomodate 4th axis machining such as helical milling, cam work and other processes. With the assistance of our CAD/CAM system, we are capable of performing very extensive and difficult machining jobs on all types of materials.

In addition to our capability of complete CNC machining, we also accomodate:
  • Conventional machining
  • Proto-typing
  • Tool & Die making
  • Assembly work
  • Stamping work
  • Short and long run production
  • Design and build special machinery

For emergency turnaround, you'll find us ready with one phone call. Or request a detailed quote on any aspect of your project. From the initial meeting to the final shipment of your order, we can help. What's more, we keep the drawings and specifications for every job, parts or assembly we make on file. So if you need a repeat item fast, you can get it.

Just call us at 904-262-2793, toll free: 800-464-9410. Fax us at 904-262-5486, or ask our representative for details. You'll find there's alot about our operation that makes the cut. Above and beyond our tools.

Jepsen Tool Company, Inc.
6864 Phillips Parkway Drive S
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Toll Free: (800) 464-9410
Local: (904) 262-2793

Jepsen Tool Company

Jepsen Tool Company,

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