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Jepsen Tool Company

Jacksonville, Florida
(904) 262-2793
(800) 464-9410

Jepsen Tool Company, Inc., has been a leading manufacturer of precision machined components, tools, assemblies, and devices for a wide variety of industries. We provide engineering solutions that apply the most cost-effective manufacturing processes, to produce quality products from your blueprint and to your specifications.

Jepsen Tool Company

Jepsen Tool CompanyOur staff, working as a team, are directly involved in creating methods and processes to manufacture components and products that consistently perform to the highest level of reliability. They are knowledgeable, competitive, and determined to provide you with the highest quality dependable products and on-time delivery.

In addition, our 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility offers the capacity you need for any size job, from one of a kind to a hundred thousand. We have what it takes to meet your needs. We can take your project from start to finish, or any point in between.

Jepsen Tool Company

Jepsen Tool CompanyAlthough the methods have changed, our simple philosophy on quality is still the same today as when we started in 1979: "Quality products-made to print-on time". This strong quality tradition is the foundation on which our present program is built. Today, modern equipment builds in consistency to our processes to ensure your quality specifications are repeatedly met. Should your firm have special requirements, we will work with you to customize a program which meets those needs.

From start to finish, no matter what size the job may be, our goal is to provide our customers with a total quality product that meets, if not exceeds, the most stringent requirements.

Jepsen Tool Company, Inc.
6864 Phillips Parkway Drive S
Jacksonville, Florida 32256
Toll Free: (800) 464-9410
Local: (904) 262-2793

Jepsen Tool Company

Jepsen Tool Company,

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